Baddha Padmasana (Bound Lotus)

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Baddha Padmasana (Baddha Padmāsana) = bound lotus
Dṛṣṭi: nāsāgre = to the nose

From sitting.

Cross the legs or have them in lotus or half lotus pose.

In full posture – lotus pose, inhale and lift the chest and then exhale cross the arms around the back of your body. Hold the toes/feet if you can.

Exhale as you fold forwards and place the forehead or chin on the floor in front.

In crossed legged/half lotus pose. Inhale and interlink the fingers behind the back.

Exhale fold forwards the bring the arms/hands up and over the head.

Place the forehead or chin on the floor in front.

Hold in whichever posture for three to five breaths.

Inhale as you come up and exhale as you release the hands.