Krounchasana (Heron Posture)

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Krounchasana (Krouncāsana) = Heron-Posture

Dṛṣṭi: pādayoragre = to the tip of the foot

From sitting.

Bend the right leg back so that the top of the foot is on the floor pushing downwards. The heel should be next to the right hip.

Straighten the left leg and on your inhale raise it up and hold with your hands.

Hold around the foot with your hands (hold the right wrist with the left hand eventually) or hold the ankle/leg.

Inhale to lengthen up the body and the leg, and then exhale as you bring the leg towards you and the body towards the leg.

Aim to have the chin on the shin, or the forehead on the shin.

Do not pull forwards with the head or neck, use your abdominal strength.

Keep the shoulders relaxed.

Hold here for three to five breaths.

Exhale as you release the leg down from the pose.

Repeat on the other side.