Paschimottanasana B (Intense Stretch of Back of Body)

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Paschimottanasana B (Paścimottānāsana) = Intense-Stretch-of-Back-of-Body

Dṛṣṭi: pādayoragre = to the tip of the foot

Start sitting with the legs out in front of you and together. Feet are together.

Inhale and lift your chest up so it elongates the spines.

Pull your toes back towards you and engage your quadriceps by strengthening through your legs.

Inhale and raise the arms up.

Exhale, fold forwards from your hip whilst keeping the spine lengthening – and reach towards your toes.

Hold where you can reach to (legs, ankles or toes).

If you can reach your toes, then hold around your feet. The thumbs are on top and the fingers under.

Drop the elbows towards the legs so that your shoulders are relaxed.

Forehead aims to be resting on your shins and then eventually the chin on the shins.

NB: When folding forwards, lead with your chest and not your head/neck/chin (so no strain on your neck).

Hold here for three to five breaths.

Inhale as you come up and out of the posture.