Upavishtha Konasana A (Seated Angle Posture)

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Upavishtha Konasana A (Upaviṣṭha Koṇāsana) = Seated-Angle-Posture Dṛṣṭi: nāsāgre = to the nose

From sitting:

Place the feet a wide distance apart on the floor.

Flex the feet by pulling the toes back towards you and engage the quadriceps.

Inhale and raise your arms up above the head and stretch though your body.

Exhale and fold forwards from your hips and reach towards the toes/feet.

Hold where you can reach, and keep the chest lifted. Eventually, place the hands around the feet with the fingers underneath and the thumbs on top of the feet.

Over time, work the belly, then the chest and then the chin to the floor (progressing in this way helps to lengthen the spine).

Hold for three to five breaths and then inhale come up and out of the pose.