Here are some meditation practices which you can either do as part of your yoga asana (posture) practice or on their own during any time of day. Please scroll through below for the relevant meditation.

Below are meditations: Awareness Meditation, Breathing Meditation, Chakra Visualisation, Connecting to the Earth, Listening to the Heart, Mantra: ‘Om’, Muladhara Meditation, Palming, Trataka (Candle), White Light Meditation.

Awareness Meditation

One way of tuning in to what the body is telling you, is to sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and focus inwards on the area with the discomfort.

Breathe slowly and gently. Allow any thoughts and feelings to arise and be fully aware of any messages surfacing from them.

Do this without judging them. Sit and ‘watch’ your thoughts for 10 minutes to begin with, then gently come out of the meditation and write down the messages you received.

This meditation is one way of beginning to uncover the source or cause of your discomfort.

Please do be kind to yourself with whatever comes up.

You may want to repeat this over the course of a month to get a clearer image of the real issues involved in creating the pain.

Breathing Meditation

Begin sitting with your back straight and with the hands on the knees.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

Throughout the meditation keep focused on your breath being calm and relaxed.

If your mind wanders just keep bringing it back to the breath.

Feel the tranquillity within you.

Do this for at least five minutes every day, any time of day.

Chakra Visualisation

Begin sitting (or lying) with the spine straight. Close the eyes and take your awareness to your breath.

Visualise a vibrating red energy around the base of your spine and into your legs, hold this visualisation and feel/see the colour becoming brighter and brighter.

Now around the sacrum visualise a bright orange energy, stimulating all your inner organs and lower spine. Stay with this visualisation for several breaths.

Next, around your lower abdomen and lower back, visualise a yellow energy, radiating brightly up to your ribcage. Stay with this visualisation for a while also.

The do the same for the heart centre (green), the throat (blue), the third eye – centre of the forehead (purple) and then above the crown of the head (white/gold).

Take your time in each area – cleansing and purifying.

Finally sit for a while with all the energy colours in mind. Spinning and shinning brightly in there locations. Feel the energies balancing and clearing all of the body.

When you feel the time is right to come out let the chakra colours fade away and close in a little, then drop your head down and open your eyes when you are ready.

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Connecting to the Earth

Sitting in a chair or with the legs out straight on the floor (takes the pressure off the knees), with the spine straight and the hands cupped in your lap.

Close your eyes and focus on your gentle breathing.

Now focus beneath your feet and at the end of your tailbone. Feel any sensations in these areas.

Focus your awareness on the Earth, feel the connection between yourself and the Earth and feel the Earth’s loving energy.

Draw up the healing energy from the Earth and into your body and breath.

Inhale the healing energy up into your body and exhale release the hurts/pains (if any!) from your body.

Do this for at least five minutes, breathing slow gentle nurturing breaths throughout.

Listening to the Heart

Sitting with the spine upright, close your eyes and focus on the breath.

Focus on the quality of your breathing and allow your breath to take on its own natural rhythm.

No straining with your breath. Continue for a short time simply sitting and allowing the breath to come and go as it pleases.

Observe the breath without judgement.

Now focus on your heart area and listen to what the heart wants to say to you.

This takes practice. Over time (do this daily) your hearts desire will emerge if you continue to listen to what arises.

After you come out of your mediation.

Write down anything that has come to you.

Mantra: ‘Om’

Begin sitting in a comfortable seated position with your back straight.

Focus on your breathing.

Take a long slow inhale, filing up the lower body first, then the mid section and then the upper chest.

On the exhale, slowly chant the sound ‘OM’ and let the breath out from the lower body, then the mid section and then the upper chest.

Let the sound ‘Mmmm’ resonate in the head and neck for the longer time (this helps relax the mind and the nervous system).

Repeat up to 10 times.


Starting sitting with the spine straight or lying down.

Focus on your breathing for a few breaths.

Now take your awareness to the base of your spine. Breathe in and out at the base of your spine.

Visualise a bright red energy emanating out from the base of your spine.

Feel the throb of energy at the base of the spine and in the surroundings.

Let the red energy travel through your legs and back through your spine, and feel the energy strengthen the bones of the body.

Hold this visualisation for a little while.

Let the image fade slowly and come out of the meditation in your own gentle way, when you are ready.


Begin sitting with your back straight.

Rub your hands together for a few minutes to create a heat in the palms of your hands.

Close your eyes and place the palms you’re your eyes.

The heel of the hand is on the cheeks.

Hold the palms here for 5 to ten minutes.

Imagine you are drifting in to the darkness and feel the eyes deeply relax.

Breathe fully and deeply throughout.

Trataka (Candle)

Starting sitting with the spine straight and have a candle in front of you with the flame at about eye height.

Focus on your breathing throughout.

Focus on the candle flame with your eyes relaxed and do this for as long as you can without blinking.

When you are ready, close your eyes and try to observe the inner image of the flame at the eye brow centre.

Keep the image for as long as you can and then when it fades, open your eyes and repeat.

Sit for about 10 minutes.

White Light Meditation

Starting sitting or lying down. Focus on your breathing for a few breaths.

After a while image a luminous bright white light is above the crown of your head.

Then image that it is sprinkling petals of white light all over your shoulders, head and neck.

Image this white light is soaking into your skin and flowing through your entire body, so that your body ends up being covered in healing white light, shining very brightly.

Sit imaging this for as long as you can.

Then allow the image of the white light to fade away, leaving the body cleansed and vibrant.

Breathe a few gentle breaths and then slowly open your eyes.

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