Pranayama (Breathing)

Here shows a variety of Pranayama practices (breathing work)  that you can practice yourself. Each Pranayama title takes you to that particular posture. You then just follow the instructions provided with the image.

Please note: Should you be in any discomfort or pain during the practice, then please stop immediately and consult your GP or Therapist for further advice if need be.

This list is in Alphabetical order, just click on the link to the breathing technique which interests you…

Aham & Madhyam Pranayamas

Anti-Anxiety Breath

Asthma Breath

Being the Breath

Brahmari Breath (Bee/Humming Breath)

Breathing in love and letting it flow freely

Breathing Pain Away

Cleansing Breath

Jalandhara Bandha

Kapalbhati Breathing

Mind Healing Breath/Movement

Nadi Shonana (Alternate Nostril Breathing)

Pranayama with Mudra: Hakini Mudra

Sitali Breath (Cooling Breath)