Breathing in love and letting it flow freely

Breathing in love and letting it flow freely ~

1) Sit in a comfortable sitting position with the spine straight.

2) Place the hands on the thighs or thumb and first finger together with the palms facing upwards.

3) Take your attention to your breath. Focus on your breath becoming calm and peaceful. Breathe slow deep breaths. Breathe like this for a short time.

4) Then on your next inhale imagine you are breathing in pure unconditional love and let it flow all over your body and around you.

5) As you exhale imagine you are releasing blockages and restrictions from your body and your whole being.

6) Continue with this visualisation as long as you can.

7) Then relax the breath and sit for a few relaxed breaths before opening your eyes.

AFFIRMATION: I breathe in pure love and it flows freely within and around me (inhale). I breathe out any blockages and restrictions I have placed upon me (exhale).