Yoga for Anger


Yoga for Anger.

Contains step by step instructions on, postures, breathing/meditation and relaxation to help symptoms.

This is a downloadable product.

Anger is a powerful natural emotional release of feelings. Should the emotion not be healthily released, then it can have a detrimental effect and impact on a person, and other areas such as mental health, lifestyle, relationships etc. Anger can be shown in various ways; it is a very natural response to threats or harms done, usually in the past.

The solution here is to find a way that the anger can be released without harm to oneself or another. In the practice of yoga we can focus on the practice of ‘Ahimsa’ or nonviolence (from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras) and use Yoga to help us deal with the cause of this emotion and also the emotion itself. In order to deal with all the circumstances of anger, we need to be kind (non-violent) with ourselves first.


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