For yoga ‘prescriptions’ to help with a variety of ailments/symptoms, please visit the shop page. Here there are PDF’s for you to purchase, of yoga postures and techniques to ease symptoms.

I also have a dedicated website for providing you with self-help resources and courses. Please click on the link below:

With CBT techniques, yogaartmovementmindfulnessbreathmeditationself-hypnosis and relaxation techniques, taught to you via our courses, you can become your own therapist and become empowered to create a positive life for yourself.

This website is a self-help tool in itself, empowering you through its courses and yoga sections, so that you can empower you!

You can pick the full self-help course, or pick and/or mix sections of it, or just opt for some yoga for specific ailments. Whichever one(s) suit your requirements. Any and all with set you on a wellness path for sure.

We are still developing some new courses too, so be sure to check on the course list from time to time.