Initial Consultation – £55 (one and a half hours)

Follow Up Sessions: £40 (one hour)

Deposit: £15 (payable on booking your consultation, and deduced from fee at session)


YOGA THERAPY SESSIONS—helping ailments such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Stress, Movement complaints, Fertility issues, Asthma, Sinusitis, Smoking addiction, Hypertension, Insomniacs, Depression, Anxiety disorders, Behavioural issues, and more..

YOGA ONE-ONE TEACHING Personalised Yoga one-one sessions aimed at the individual requirements, tailored home yoga practices created. 

HYPNOTHERAPY — Suggestions and Analysis sessions available. Weight loss, Stopping Smoking, Addiction’s, Phobias, Behavioural difficulties and more can be helped with Hypnotherapy.

COGNITIVE COACH & MENTORING — Personal, Corporate and/or group sessions. Aimed at coaching a person/group in meeting their personal/professional goals, bringing out the fullest positive self .

BRAINSPOTTING – Brainspotting taps into and harnesses the body’s natural self-scanning, self-healing ability. When a Brainspot is stimulated, the deep brain appears to reflexively signals to the therapist that the source of the problem has been found and the therapist thus works with the client to help them process blocks or trapped traumas.

TRE (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises) – TRE is a body-based (somatic) process that, when done properly, through a Certified TRE Provider can allow the individual to discharge tension from the body, which often does not require “revisiting the story”. (ie: verbally describing or talking about the traumatic experience). TRE is available as one-one sessions or as part of a group class (please see the classes page for dates of next classes).

NUTRITION & DETOX/CLEANSE SPECIALIST Aimed at helping clients start on a healthier way of eating. Sessions can look at if required, weight-loss, healthy eating plans, supplementation and alleviating symptoms such as fatigue, allergies, rashes, food intolerances and more . All sessions are personalised to meet the client needs and requirements

PHOTOGRAPHY/ART AS THERAPY — Sessions as one-one or group, using art/photography as a self healing tool, or as an expression of self. No art/photography skill necessary. A supportive encouraging healing practice for settling body, mind and spirit.

BACH FLOWER REMEDY ADVICE—Advice and treatments given for a vary of emotional requirements.   Confidence boosting, stress release, anger issues, upsets, fears..etc.

CRYSTAL AND COLOUR THERAPIES— Used on its own or alongside the above therapies, we aim to balance the energy of the bodies, mentally, emotionally and physical using crystal and/or colour.

ALL the above Therapies can be given as individual treatments or combined. This will be discussed if required in initial consultations.