Yoga Teaching & Yoga Therapy

Yoga one-one sessions catered to your individual requirements and at the level you are at. I teach people from beginners to advanced , in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Restorative Yoga styles.

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Sessions include: Yoga postures, breathing/pranayama techniques, meditations, and relaxations. These sessions can be guided as a class or home practice sequences can be designed for you.

Yoga Therapy sessions are aimed at those will various ailments or symptoms. List of ailments       covered are: Anxiety, Low Mood, Insomnia, Muscular pain, Sports injuries, Addictions, Behavioral issues in children, PMS, Menopause, Whiplash injuries, General tightness or lack of muscle tone, MS and Chronic Fatigue, and many more…. Sessions can incorporate postures and other yoga techniques , however individual plans are made for clients.

Yoga Teacher Training one-one or group sessions – Yoga Teacher training courses in Pre & Post Natal, Children’s yoga, Toddler yoga, Parent & Baby yoga, Teen’s yoga, Special Needs yoga, and in Mindfulness (non yoga) teaching. Sessions can be privately as a group, one-one or corporate . I train as onsite or distance learning, for Yogakidz Worldwide ( who are recognized nationally and internationally.