I work with the individual in nutrition (and yoga if required) to help clients become healthy and well. On liaising with the client, I advise on the way forwards for a person and create individual nutrition plans. If you require nutritional advice, and/or a cleanse/detox programme creating for you which is created to suit your individual needs, please contact me to arrange a consultation.

Naturopathic Nutrition sessions

Aimed at helping clients start on a healthier way of eating. Sessions can look at if required, weight-loss, healthy eating plans, supplementation and alleviating symptoms such as fatigue, allergies, rashes, food intolerances and more . All  sessions are personalised to meet the client needs and requirements.

 Detox/Cleanse Specialist sessions

Detoxing and cleansing does not have to be a dramatic fast or juicing for days. I create cleanses for a various of client needs and often it is a case of simply fine tuning a client’s diet with some healthier eating habits such as reducing or the more eliminating processed foods, perhaps looking at sleep patterns too. I help a client cleanse healthily but no dramatic detox ways that have been perhaps in the media. I advise on other ways of freeing oneself from toxins other than eating. This can be advising on household toxicity or environmental factors to consider. Sleep habits can also make a difference to the way we feel. I will work with you, the client to detox and cleanse from the inside to the outside so that you feel your best potential. Skin, fatigue, moods and much more can improve hugely after a cleanse I have devised for you.

Sarah advises on (and uses herself) supplements when creating nutritional plans and cleanses for clients, and these are supplements from The Organic Pharmacy, and also Synergistics Europe.

For a free booklet (PDF) by the Organic Pharmacy and a sample 7 day detox/cleanse, please click here.

Here are some links to various Nutritional information and articles…please click on the topic that interests you and you will be taken to that page…

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Sessions can be held at my studio in Carnforth, North Lancashire or via zoom/skype. Please contact me to book or discuss.


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